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Our Lawn Care & Fertilization Philosophy

We believe in a holistic approach to lawn care, focusing on building a thick, green lawn as the best defense against weeds. Our strategy integrates the judicious use of chemicals, with an emphasis on minimizing their use, alongside proven cultural practices to promote lawn health and vitality. Our services are built around our core principles.

Optimal Mowing

We abide by maintaining a taller mowing height to suppress weed seed germination.

Proper Watering

Encouraging deep root growth through 1-2 watering sessions per week, preferably in the morning.

Custom Programs

Utilizing a blend of fertilizers and weed control measures tailored to the specific needs of your lawn through our 6-step lawn fertilizing program.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration & overseeding improves soil conditions and introduces vigorous, young grass to your lawn for optimal grass health.

Lawn Fertilizer Service Packages

At Kanger Lawns, we understand the pride you take in maintaining a lush, green lawn that enhances the beauty and value of your home. Our dedicated team of lawn care professionals is committed to delivering exceptional lawn fertilizing services tailored to the unique needs of your lawn and your budget. All packages are built and planned with aeration and seeding in mind for a truly comprehensive approach to deterring weeds and creating a thick green lawn. Learn more and get ready to transform your lawn into a thick, vibrant, and beautifully weed-free home oasis.

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Silver Package

  • Spring Pre-emergent: A crucial treatment to prevent weeds before they emerge, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and weed-free from the start of the season.
  • Weed Control: Targeted solutions to eliminate existing weeds without harming your grass, maintaining the aesthetic and health of your lawn.
  • Specific Fertilizer Formulas: Tailored nutrient blends designed to meet your lawn's unique needs at every stage of growth, promoting lush, vibrant grass.
  • Grub Control: An essential component to protect your lawn from the damage caused by grubs, included in all our packages.
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Gold Package

Includes Everything in the Silver Package Plus:

  • Aeration: To reduce soil compaction and promote healthier grass growth.
  • 7 Total Visits: Ensuring your lawn receives meticulous care throughout the season.
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Diamond Package

Includes Everything in the Silver & Gold Packages Plus:

  • Aeration with Overseeding: The ultimate package for a thick, lush lawn, combining the benefits of aeration with the introduction of new, strong grass varieties.

Our 7 Step Lawn Fertilization Process

At Kanger Lawns, we're passionate about providing your lawn with the care and attention it deserves to flourish throughout the year. Our comprehensive 7-step fertilization program is meticulously designed to cater to the unique climatic conditions of Nebraska, ensuring your lawn remains lush, green, and healthy throughout the year. By addressing the specific needs of your lawn at optimal times, Kanger Lawns ensures your outdoor space remains a source of pride and enjoyment, regardless of the season.

  • Kick-Start Growth (March – April)

    As your lawn awakens from dormancy, we apply a balanced fertilizer to promote early spring green-up. This initial feeding strengthens root systems and prepares grass for the growing season, while a pre-emergent herbicide prevents crabgrass and other annual weeds from taking root.

  • Weed Elimination & Nutrient Boost (April-May)

    Continuing the momentum, this application focuses on weed control and nutrient provision. A second round of pre-emergent is applied to target spring weeds, and a slightly heavier fertilizer application encourages further growth, ensuring your lawn stays dense and colorful as temperatures rise.

  • Grub Control & Heat Preparation (May-July)

    With the onset of summer, we introduce grub control mixed with potassium to protect against both grubs and heat stress. Additional treatments for broadleaf and grassy weeds keep your lawn looking its best during the most challenging season.

  • Organic Nourishment (July-August)

    An application of organic fertilizer acts as both a nutrient source and soil amendment, promoting the availability of essential micro and macro nutrients. This step is crucial for maintaining lawn health through the peak of summer heat, with additional crabgrass treatment if needed.

  • Fall Aeration & Overseeding (August-September)

    This is the perfect time of year to seed, thicken up the lawn, repair dead patches given the temperatures start to die down, weed competition is at its lowest, and the grass is getting its second wind. We apply a heavy dose of nitrogen to revitalize your lawn for its second growing phase. Aeration and overseeding are highly recommended to enhance nutrient uptake and fill in sparse areas, ensuring a thick, resilient lawn. (Those in the gold and diamond packages will get an aeration and/or aeration seeding included in their service.)

  • Fall Fertilizing (September-October)

    As the season transitions, this application adjusts the nutrient balance to prepare your lawn for cooler temperatures. It's a critical time to address any lingering weeds and encourage root development, setting the stage for a healthy dormancy period. Our fertilizing program here is perfect to pair with the seeding/aeration in the step before. Its a very important application step in order to give the lawn one last push to increase growth, repair from summer damage, and thicken up. We spray for weeds as well if not being seeded as its the best time to kill dandelions and other broadleaf weeds to prepare for next spring.

  • Winterization (October-November)

    Our final application includes a winterizer with a balanced blend of nutrients to help your grass store essential energy for the winter. This step is vital for ensuring a robust spring comeback. If conditions allow, a final weed treatment ensures your lawn enters the cold season in peak condition.

Our Hassle-Free Lawn-Care Process

See how easy it is to get started with a beautiful Kanger Lawns lawn!

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Sara Jackson
Sara Jackson
in the last week
Kanger Lawns has always exceeded our expectations. We've utilized their services for the past few years now - with grass treatments & fertilizer, mowing, fall clean up, and other misc things. They've always been so professional and left our yard looking immaculate. Cody has even spent extra time with us, discussing options to landscape to prevent our 3 dogs from killing our grass and answering all kinds of questions. Highly recommended!
Leslie Phillips
Leslie Phillips
2 months ago
This family owned company really took the time and effort to make my lawn look great. They even left little tiny gifts during the holidays. Everything was well communicated in emails and in lawn posts. We are moving out of state, and we will be recommending the new owners use them.
Angela Marie
Angela Marie
7 months ago
Kanger Lawn did a fantastic job on installing river rock and pea gravel and cleaning up our landscaping in our backyard. They were flexible when I added in a couple of last minute changes. They also did a great job of communicating when the schedule changed. I highly recommend them!
Scott Klavins
Scott Klavins
5 months ago
Cody and his team did an amazing job on our lights. All the way from providing an estimate, explaining the install and the install itself. They are very easy to deal with and went above and beyond in delivering amazing results.
Craig Christiansen
Craig Christiansen
2 months ago
Kanger Lawns LLC has assisted us with Lawn Care for two years. The first being a fill in helper for vacations etc. The second for a full season. Both years the lawn care was exceptional with any resulting concerns being quickly remedied. An added plus is their vast array of services which if elected limits your lawn and maintenance expense to one company, which I consider an added bonus. I think of Cody and the Crew as a Lawn and Maintenance Partner because of the benefit their knowledge offers me. Plus they are extremely nice to work with.

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