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Welcome to Kanger Lawns, where our passion for creating stunning outdoor spaces meets engineering precision and artistic vision. Founded by Cody Kanger, a Water Feature Specialist with a deep-rooted connection to Omaha, NE, our company has evolved from a high school venture into a leading provider of exquisite water features, lawn care, and outdoor beautification projects. Together with his wife, Libby Kanger, the duo brings a personal touch to every project, ensuring that our clients' visions come to life in ways that exceed their expectations.

About Cody Kanger

Born in 1993 in Omaha, NE, Cody's journey into the world of water features and lawn care began in his youth, growing up in Omaha and later on an acreage south of Plattsmouth, NE. A graduate of Creighton Prep High School and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Cody has always been fascinated by how things work. This curiosity and love for engineering led him to explore various internships, from CNH Industrial to the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab at UNL, gaining invaluable experience in mechanical design and metal 3D printing.

After completing his education and marrying his high school sweetheart, Libby, in 2019, Cody returned to Papillion, bringing his engineering expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to the foundation of Kanger Lawns and Water Features. His technical background and hands-on experience in additive technologies and surface treatments have uniquely positioned him to design and implement water features that are not only visually captivating but also structurally sound and sustainable.

cody libby kanger lawns landscaping
cody libby kanger lawns

About Libby Kanger

Libby Kanger has been an integral part of the journey since the very beginning. Born and raised in Omaha, she attended St. James/Seton grade school and Marian High School, before pursuing her passion for art and teaching in Crete and Lincoln, NE. Libby's artistic eye and educational background in Art and Teaching have been instrumental in shaping the aesthetic and educational aspects of Kanger Lawns and Water Features. From logo designs to customer service and accounting, Libby's involvement ensures that every aspect of the business is infused with creativity and attention to detail.

Our Services & COmmitment

At the heart of our services lies a deep commitment to transforming your backyard into a serene oasis that not only complements your home's aesthetic but also promotes sustainability and enjoyment at any hour. Our team of experts specializes in delivering personalized solutions, from the conception of your project to its ongoing care, ensuring that your outdoor retreat is nothing short of perfection.

  • Artistic Water Features

    Our approach to water features goes beyond the standard; we offer custom, one-of-a-kind creations that are true pieces of art. Each design is meticulously crafted to harmonize with your landscape, ensuring that the beauty of your outdoor space is enhanced rather than overshadowed. Our artistic water features serve as the centerpiece of your garden, reflecting your style and the essence of your home.

  • Eco-friendly Systems

    Sustainability is at the forefront of our installations. We employ environmentally friendly technologies, including automatic water treatment systems, to ensure your water environment is not only clean but also healthy for both the ecosystem and your family. This approach allows for a natural balance within your water feature, promoting clarity and purity without the heavy reliance on chemicals.

  • Lighting Innovations

    Experience the beauty of your water feature both day and night with our innovative lighting solutions. Our strategic placement of lights accentuates the natural flow and movement of the water, creating a mesmerizing effect that can be enjoyed after sunset. These lighting innovations provide not only an enchanting ambiance but also enhance the safety and accessibility of your outdoor space.

  • Tailored Care Plans

    Understanding that each outdoor space has its unique needs, we offer personalized service and maintenance plans designed to keep your retreat in pristine condition year-round. Whether it's routine cleaning, seasonal adjustments, or specific repairs, our tailored care plans ensure that your investment is well-protected and your sanctuary remains a perfect retreat for relaxation and enjoyment.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

tyler weiland
tyler weiland
3 weeks ago
I called Kanger on a Saturday for 911 due to my tenant not mowing the yard and HOA threatening fines. Kanger got there with in 1.5 hours. To top it off they went above and beyond on making the yard look amazing! Professional Contractor!!
Gage Layman
Gage Layman
2 weeks ago
Hired Kanger Lawns to help us keep up with mowing while we try to sell our home! Cody and his team have been amazing and do quality work for the price! Give them a call for whatever lawn needs you have and you won't regret it!
Leslie Phillips
Leslie Phillips
4 months ago
This family owned company really took the time and effort to make my lawn look great. They even left little tiny gifts during the holidays. Everything was well communicated in emails and in lawn posts. We are moving out of state, and we will be recommending the new owners use them.
Angela Marie
Angela Marie
9 months ago
Kanger Lawn did a fantastic job on installing river rock and pea gravel and cleaning up our landscaping in our backyard. They were flexible when I added in a couple of last minute changes. They also did a great job of communicating when the schedule changed. I highly recommend them!
Jennifer Rich
Jennifer Rich
a week ago
Amazing company! Does such a great job with my lawn & you can really tell they care about their customers. I’ve used a lot of lawn crews over the years and I’ve never been happier. Highly recommend!!

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About Kanger Lawns

Discover outdoor elegance with Kanger Lawns in Omaha, NE — your go-to experts for lawn care, water features, and landscape designs. Since 2016, we've been turning outdoor spaces in Omaha, Papillion, and Gretna into places of beauty and utility.

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