Water Features

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Peace, tranquility, and relaxation 

Destress with a Custom Water Feature

Decorative Fountains & Bubbling Rocks

  • Focal point that brings your landscaping alive with the sounds of relaxing trickling water
  • Make your landscaping pop with custom bubbling rocks, urns, or spheres 
  • Add a new dimension to an outdoor living space at night with the sounds of water and dancing of color changing lights on the waterfalls 
Decorative water feature fountain & bubbling rock Omaha Nebraska

Pondless Waterfalls

Water feature lights Omaha Nebraska
  • Bring art and a true piece of nature into the focus of your backyard paradise
  • Waterfalls that melt stress away after a long day at work
  • Attract the family and old friends to make memories and gather around the pondless waterfall at your home
  • Enjoy rushing water and cool lights flickering off the rocks to take the night away

Ecosystem Koi Ponds

  • Step into a natural ecosystem at your backdoor
  • Give grandchildren a reason to visit and feed their favorite koi fish
  • Break into a new world of gardening with aquatic plants like beautiful water lillies
  • Relax, unwind, and enjoy your landscaping all year round as it changes before your eyes 
Ecosystem Koi Pond with waterfall Omaha Nebraska

Water Features in Omaha, NE


Pondless Waterfalls

Koi Ponds

Pond Cleaning & Repair

Water Feature Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much maintenance does my water feature require?

Maintenance and time required to keep your water feature clean depends on the type of feature. Decorative fountains only need to have sufficient water and be kept clean. An autofill relieves you of checking the water level as often because it fills automatically from a sprinkler line. Sometimes hard water or algae can collect on a fountain so a good spring cleaning or algae killer helps this too. Pondless waterfalls need the same considerations, just on a slightly larger scale. Cleaning may include removing leaves and other debris from the rocks and boulders of the waterfall.


Accessories like an ion-gen for controlling algae and auto dosing system for water health are great ways to reduce maintenance on ponds with fish or aquatic plants. Yard debris collects in the skimmer which is easy to empty. 

Can my water feature run in the cold winters of Omaha Nebraska?

Yes! Whether its a decorative fountain, or a pond with a waterfall, just make sure to keep an eye on water levels. Over winter, beautiful ice structures will form that make a water feature one of the feature pieces of your landscaping you can still enjoy. Make sure to fill continue to add more water to compensate for ice structures, and clear any ice structures that divert water out of the system. 


If you don’t want to run your water feature over winter, just remove the pump to avoid it freezing and breaking.

What do I do with my koi fish over winter?

Do not feed fish over winter. As fall comes, and water temperatures drop, they naturally fall into a state of hibernation. Fish will eat the food and could cause them to die as their bodies can’t digest it over winter. 


Make an opening in the pond for the free exchange of air and gases. This can be done by small surface heater, bubbler, or something else to keep water flowing and open.

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