Pond Cleaning & Repair

Get your pond or water feature ready to enjoy this season

Omaha's Water Feature & Pond Specialists

Pond Cleaning

  • Improve water clarity and fish health in your pond by cleaning old debris out

  • If you are new to your pond or water feature, we can explain how it works & products needed while we clean it
  • We care for your fish and their health during the cleaning process by holding them in transfer tanks with bubblers for air
  • Save your time and let the professionals look over your pond while its being cleaned to recommend any repairs or adjustments

Leaking Pond or Water Feature

  • Pond loosing a lot of water each day? We can help diagnose natural evaoporation versus a leaking pond
  • Water lose in a water feature can be from several different areas, but we can narrow down the problem and offer solutions
  • Poor water quality, leaking ponds, and dying fish can be symptoms of a poorly built pond. We can recommend repairs to make your pond function like an ecosystem again

Water Feature Supplies to Keep your Pond Clean

 A pond or water feature built right will have less maintenance, but some is still needed. We sell the following products which may make cleaning and enjoying your pond even easier

  • An iongen system controls algae while operating safely for fish and plants
  • Automatic dosing systems slowly add the right bacteria and treatments to your pond
  • Automatic fill valves make sure your water feature is always topped off
Automatic dosing system for pond health

Pond Cleaning & Water Feature Repair

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