Omaha Christmas Light Installation

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How to Get YOUR Christmas Lights Fast & Easy

1) Call for a Free Quote & Customer Design

2) Accept your Quote & Received Installation Date

3) Enjoy Beautiful Christmas Lights

4) We take your lights down in January & Store Them!

Christmas Lights

Benefits of Professional Christmas Light Installation?

  • Beautiful Christmas Lights on When you Get Home
  • Kids & Grand Kids LOVE THEM
  • Be the AMAZING HOUSE in YOUR Neighborhood
  • Save hours of your time during the busy holiday season.
  • CUSTOM BUILT lights to fit your home JUST PERFECT, like in the Movies 🙂
  • Your lights AUTOMATICALLY come on at night 
  • No Ladders, no Cold Days installing, we Take them down for You!

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What's Included with Professional Christmas Light Installation?

  • Custom Light Design with Rendering

    • RGB C9 Bulbs or Linkables
    • Front Gutters, roof outlines, side and Back
    • 3D Snowflake Spritzers
    • 2D or 3D figures
  • Custom built lights to fit your house PERFECT
  • Plans & Pictures for reinstallation
  • 24/7 Service for any problems from naughty elves
  • We take your lights down in January
  • Heavy duty storage totes and 1 year storage included
  • Mechanical timer so lights automatically turn off and on

How Does the Process Work?

  1. Contact us NOW to get a Free custom design. We take measurements online and make a custom quote for you!
  2. You Accept the quote and only pay 50% to get on our schedule.
  3. We build your lights and setup the automatic timer. You pay the remaining quote and get to enjoy your lights!
  4. Sneaky elf cause a problem with your lights? Call us and we fix it ASAP for FREE.
  5. January we automatically come back and take your lights down. We neatly organize your lights, and storage them in a heated storage facility until next season. 

How Much do Professional Christmas Lights Cost?

Our Christmas lights are custom made to your specific house and will look amazing! Christmas Lights truly bring the holiday spirit to your doorstep. Below are some examples but the average cost for lights on the roofline are $1,600-$2,000. Minimum pricing is $445 for a white wreath and $997 for white lights on a small gutter line. 

Class Warm White Gutter & Roofline Lights $1,600

  • Warm White C9 LED lights
  • up to 175′ 
  • Build, installation, takedown & storage!

Warm White 36″ Wreath $445

  • Warm White leds
  • 36″ Wreath
  • Stainless steel hardware to mount
  • Purchase, installation, takedown, & storage

Available Upgrades

  • White garland
  • 48″, 60″ or 72″ Wreaths
  • White twinkling Spritzers
Classic White Christmas Lights
Color changing Christmas Lights

Modern RGB Color Changing C9 Christmas Lights $1,995

  • Remote control with 8 colors & 7 functions
  • up to 175′ 
  • Build, installation, takedown & storage!

Available Upgrades

  • RGB Color changing Wreath
    • 36″ starts at $445
    • 36″-72″
  • Spritzers!
    • Three 16″ Spritzers for $737
    • 16-36″ in size
    • Endless numbers!

Candy Canes Christmas Lights on Gutters $3,937

  • White and Red hanging Candy Canes
  • up to 175′ 
  • Build, installation, takedown & storage!

Color Changing Spritzers $737

  • Three 16″ spritzers
  • Remote controlled 8 colors 7 functions
  • Purchase, installation, takedown, & storage
Christmas Lights