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At Kanger Lawns, we are family owned and operated, and the folks who choose to work with us are also family. During a typical weekday, the majority of your day is spent at work. Therefore, we want you to enjoy what your doing for a living and the folks you work with. The most important aspect of our business is you. A hard working, focused, and respectful team will produce exceptional results for customers. Our goal is to treat you with respect as that's how we want to be treated.

Lawn maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal can be very rewarding. Being outdoors is great, running equipment is fun, and constantly moving around in different environments keeps the day moving fast. However, it is hard work. It's hot sunny days, cold wintery nights, and therefore our goal is to work hard, focus, and be efficient so we can successfully deliver quality work the first time. Because this work can be grueling, our expectation is to hustle and get as much done as possible the right way during the day, so we can enjoy, relax, and be proud of our craftsmanship on nights and weekends.

If you would like to work with us, we would love to have you. We are just as serious about who we work with as we are about the quality of service we deliver to customers. Here is the reality of how we operate:

  • We show up 5-10 minutes before our expected start time so we are ready to work when the day starts.

  • Everyone is treated respectfully. Whether it's the guy trimming, the gal answering emails, or the customer who is upset, we have zero tolerance for people not treating each other respectfully.

  • Work while at work. Its the nature of our work that their are slow periods at work. During that time, strategize the next yard, cut trimmer line, ask who is doing what on the next property or talk to your fellow worker. Don't text, don't book faces, don't make calls. The more efficient we are working, the sooner we all get done.

  • A positive attitude at all times. Sure, equipment breaks down, August is super hot, and girlfriends dump us, but a lot more people have it a lot worse than the struggle your going through.

  • Prompt and explicit communication. Whether it's how you're feeling in the day, an accident in the field, or a special event in your life you need off of work, tell us so we can plan accordingly.

  • Jump out of the truck on a job site immediately and perform your duty.

  • Accept criticism and suggestions for improvement with respect and openness.

At Kanger Lawns, we are different than most companies. We don't want you to clock in, go through the motions, and clock out. We want you to be the best you can be, and improve every day. Whether your goal is be the best trimmer on staff, or to lead crews of workers in the field, we are here to push you to those goals. We offer:

  • Letters of recommendation for students who successfully work a full summer with us

  • Paying for education to improve your skills

  • Goal-setting, performance tracking, and suggestions to improve

We are serious about who we work with and who we bring to a customer's property. The behavior listed will not be tolerated, as we value each teammate, their safety, and our customers

  • Showing up late without communicating the extraneous circumstance that occurred

  • Cussing or treating workers, customers, or others without respect

  • Stealing of any kind

  • Lying in any fashion

First and foremost, a willingness to learn and improve. If you have years of experience and great skills, those will help you move faster and gain more responsibility but are not required. We can teach you anything, and steer you towards your strengths. You don't have to dedicate every minute of your life to us, but while working we expect you to work hard and enjoy the company of others around you.

  • Willingness to learn

  • Respectfully accept suggestions for improvement

  • Set, monitor, and achieve goals

  • Attention to detail

  • Timely and detailed communication with others

  • Showing up on time every day

  • Focusing on the job at hand

  • Give suggestions for improvement to other members and the operation as a whole

  • A positive attitude

Are you ready to join the Kanger Lawns team?